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Tim Richards

Senior Teaching Faculty

[email protected]


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Manning Prize Nomination 2020

Professional Improvement Leave Award 2019

College Outstanding Teaching Award (COTA) 2018

UMass 2018 Innovation Fellow

Distinguished Teaching Award Nominee 2017, 2018, 2022


Fall 2023

Spring 2024

Honors / Independent Studies / Projects

Current Honors Students

Srinanda Yallapragada - Micro Kernel Development on the Raspberry Pi 4 in Rust and C

Maneeka Mishra

Max Sonderegger

Hannah Allison

Mahika Arora

Current Independent Studies

Isi Bernoff

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My research is focused on computer science education in the context of operating systems, compilers, programming languages, and the web. I am particularly interested in teaching tools and platforms for both educators as well as students. This includes auto-grading, novel/modern teaching methods, use of technology in assignments and class and their delivery. I am also interested in tools that make our lives more productive and easier.

(SIGCSE 2024) Effect of Deadlines on Student Submission Timelines and Success in a Fully-Online Self-Paced Course

(SIGCSE 2022) Experiences Implementing and Utilizing a Notional Machine in the Classroom